Banana Leaves to convey what to expect in trauma therapy

What to Expect

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”                                                                                   - Unknown

Whether or not you have been to therapy before, there are many different styles and approaches so below is a general idea of what you can expect from meeting with me. 

Plant to convey- Process of Trauma Counseling for Survivors

First Session


  • Schedule an appointment online 

  • Please complete the paperwork located in the client portal, which will allow us more time during our first session to start on what you would like to focus on.  This includes forms to review as well as questions that help me to understand who you are, your goals, and to get an idea of you as a whole. 



  • You will make your way to the 2nd floor of the beautiful stone building in Ahwatukee Office Plaza (there are stairs and elevators)

  • In suite 205 you will find the waiting room- Please wait there and I will come to get you at your appointment time.  There are other services in the suite so your reason for waiting in the lobby will be discrete. 


* I always try my very best to get to you on time, however, I also highly value keeping everyone emotionally safe so if I am a few minutes late please be mindful that it is likely because the person before you is in need of getting to a calm and safe place prior to leaving.


Our time together 

My goal is that when you spend time in my office you will feel a sense of safety, comfort, and freedom from judgment.


  • We’ll get to know one another

  • I’ll tell you a little bit more about my counseling style and approach

  • We will discuss what is bringing you- I’ll gain a better understanding of what is going on in your world and what you would like to work on

  • We’ll create a plan of what our next steps will be

  • You will walk away with at least one new coping tool right off the bat

Cactus in Mug to convey EMDR therapy process for surviving a trauma
  • Together we will reduce the weight and emotional intensity of the memories, situations, and feelings that affect your life today. 

  • I will use a combination of EMDR, mindfulness, DBT, and strength-based techniques throughout the sessions.


  • I will continuously supply you with customized coping tools to help with situations that you’d like to feel more comfortable in.

  • Learn more about what you will be sharing and not sharing here