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warm, vibrant colors of succulents to convey various specialties of truama therapy

My Specialties

“ Trauma is held in the body:

The Body Keeps the Score.”

                - Bessel Van der Kolk

I specialize in treating all sorts of trauma- from big to little.

Things that have happened to you, things you've seen, things you regret, memories that bring you pain. 

The primary methods I use are EMDR and ART.

tea mug to convey soft, comfort, and safety for trauma and PTSD therapy

Experiences that affect you in an emotionally big way.

Most people I work with have been through a traumatic event that continues to impact them. 


     Examples:   - Sexual Assault

                         - Witnessing something awful

                         - Accident/Injury

                         - A natural disaster

                         - Scary medical experience

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Seems small, feels big

If something happened that you and you wonder why you keep playing it through in your mind, can't seem to 'get over it', or feel like it shouldn't be a big deal but it feels like it. I love to help with that, quickly. 


     Examples:   - A bad review at work

                         - An insult

                         - A presentation gone wrong

                         - An embarrassing mishap

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

A quick and effective technique to get the pain + ick out of things you've been through, for good. 



Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing


A evidence-based, very effective approach that reduces emotional pain and re-wires thoughts.

Feel Safe In Your Body Again

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