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Succulents to portray healing with Accelerated Resolution Therapy near me

 "Keep the Knowledge, Lose the Pain"

- Laney Rosenzweig

& Amy Shuman

a quote often used to describe ART

Accelerated Resolution Therapy
in Phoenix + Throughout Arizona

What is Accelerated Resolution Therapy? 

A.R.T (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) is a therapy technique that uses eye movements to quickly relieve emotional pain. 

Not ‘Talk Therapy’

It’s very different than talk therapy that you may have done in the past or how you imagine what therapy looks like.  It actually involves very little talking, which is appealing to some people as they don’t have to say aloud parts of their trauma that they don’t want to. 


We use eye-movements to activate areas of the brain that have to do with your trauma (or the thing we’re working on) in a way that takes the emotional intensity out of the memory. 

Your eyes will be prompted to go back and forth while I/your therapist guides you to think about 'it' in certain ways or to notice body sensations in certain ways.  As time progresses, the memory will feel less and less painful / icky / awful. 

brain made from leaves to promote dealing with trauma using Accelerated Resolution Therapy | Phoenix


A fascinating book written by Bessel van der Kolk says it best, “The Body Keeps the Score”.  

It turns out that our body holds onto more than we’ve realized and it can show up in all sorts of ways (IBS, knots in your stomach, racing heartbeats, a pit in your stomach, aches in your back, jitters, twitches, fidgeting, clenching, etc.)

If you were to think about the thing you’re considering working on in therapy, do you notice any body sensations? If so, would you want those gone? This can help a lot with that. 

End Result

By the end of the process (could be in as little as 1 session), the goal is that you’d be able to think about the traumatic event and no longer have an emotional or physical reaction to it. 


The incredible part of this technique is that the results tend to be pretty permanent. I hesitate to give finite numbers but based on my personal experience with this as well as the results I’ve witnessed in the uncountable sessions I’ve had with clients, it’s truly unbelievable how consistently the pain seems to stay away, for good.  

How EMDR Works.jpg

What can Accelerated Resolution Therapy be used for?

A.R.T can be used for a variety of different things, however, I find it most productive to use with identified memories.  


When you have one event that really changed the course of things for you, no matter how big or small, if it has had an impact on you, and you can recall the memory, we can likely use A.R.T for it.  This could be anything from witnessing something awful, being in an accident of some sort, being assaulted, to having done something you regret, an embarrassing moment in school, etc. 

Accelerated Resolution Therapy vs EMDR

It’s similar to EMDR in that we’re using eye movements to re-wire how memories are stored in the brain. It’s different in that the process is a bit more structured, it’s more body sensation focused, and it tends to achieve results quicker.  


I also find that ART is most helpful for individual memories whereas EMDR can work through perhaps decades of similar memories (chronic abuse), negative thoughts about ourselves (“I’m not good enough”), and topics that we may not know exactly what life experiences are contributing.  

How it Works + More

leaves of plant, accelerated resolution therapy near me in Phoenix, AZ or virtual

Want to know even more? I got you covered.  

How does Accelerated Resolution Therapy Work? 

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